Bircher muesli was created over a century ago as a healing therapy for patients in Switzerland and Germany.  Its creator is Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss nutritionist, who wanted to add more raw fruit into his patients’ diet. Believing, that apples helped him solve his health problems at a young age, he remained confident about the powers of fruit and vegetables at all.

The secret to original Bircher muesli it to soak the oats overnight so as to achieve consistency when you are chewing the oats. This will improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients, and you will get the full nutritional benefit of the muesli.

Bircher style muesli is a food that has been consumed for many years by adults and kids all across the world and this makes it the perfect family breakfast meal. It is a very fresh and fruity start of the day, which is popular in America and many European countries.

This muesli is a mix of cereal, fruit, grains and nuts, and it contains calcium, fats, minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body function. Bircher muesli can either be eaten in the morning as a breakfast meal, or you can take it in between the day as a snack, you decide.

It is simple and easy to prepare Bircher style muesli. The key ingredients include milk, honey, rolled oats, cinnamon, nuts, dried fruits, grated apples, toasted coconut, also yogurt, berries, and apple or lemon juice. During preparation, you can soak the oats overnight, depending on the type of oats you want to use. Rolled and old fashioned oats need to soak longer time than the quick oats.

Bircher style muesli recipe is not complicated and allows getting creative with your meal. What you will add depends on your taste. The best thing is that you receive a healthy and delicious breakfast with a little effort.